Difference between website design and development

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Difference between website design and development

The main Difference between the ideas of the web design and development. If you are plotting to create a project on the internet, you should be clear regarding the concepts of designing and developing a website. Whether you are building a website on your own or reaching out to programmers to make the site, there are some key points you need to know.

Website design and development

If you are planning to create a project on the internet, you should be clear regarding the concepts of designing and developing a website. Whether you are producing a website on your own or moving out to programmers to create your site, there are some key points you require to know.

What is web design?

A web designer consists of the web page formation in HTML and the design styles in the cascading style sheet. OmTec Web is Best Web Design and Development Company USA.

A Website Designer will have skills in graphics and designing the visible part of the site. You know HTML code, CSS, and some experience in graphic design applications such as Photoshop o Illustrator. He also recognizes as a Front-end designer, which means a design part that users will see.

What is web development?

A web developer takes care of a website’s inner part, that is to say, the functions and backend development System.

The web developer will understand programming languages ​​with PHP, JavaScript, angular, and jQuery. As you have noticed, a web developer will have technical experience than a web designer.

The functional part of a web page is built privately and will not be noticeable. For example, in a WordPress web page, the files that begin life functions are PHP and JavaScript. This part is useful for making your web page functional. The communication forms correctly program that the database connects to your web page’s functions, either by recording client information or handling purchases in your online store.

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Currently, both concepts are using to demand a quote when we want to build our website. Therefore, a website designer is entirely several from a WordPress Development Company USA.

If you are starting your online business and need an expert to build your website externally thinking about custom devices, you will require a website designer. In this case, it will be cheaper and more comfortable to start with your new online project.

On the other hand, if you want to develop your website or include additional functions, you will require a web developer. In this case, you will need more complex information in the different programming languages, which will cost you more.

Our web design and development agency provides you with a team of web designers and programmers. Does not worry if you get lost, and we take care of giving you personalize advice, studying each project to offer you the best solution for your online project?

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